About us

«West Auto Trade» company was founded in 2001 as a high-quality logistics firm which transports the goods all around Europe and Ukraine. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering trusted and efficient service for all of our customers.

Scope of our services

  • Oversized transportation, that is:
    • Construction machinery, as well as agricultural, logging, mining machinery etc. (seeders, cultivators, combines, fertilizer spreaders, hydraulic lifts, tower cranes, hydraulic hammers, drilling cranes, excavators, tractors, etc.)
    • Equipment (industrial and power equipment: tanks, rolling mills, railway equipment etc.);
    • Modular buildings, pavilions, metal garages, household premises etc.;
    • Metal or wooden oversized products;
    • Cargos of great length or large radius (pipes, rails, barrels, poles, etc.).
  • Transportation of goods from Europe to Ukraine and vice versa;
  • Freight transportation within Europe;
  • Groupage cargo transportation;
  • Container transportation.

For any additional information consult a team member responsible for your sphere of interest:

International cargo transportation within Europe and Ukraine - Lyudmyla Tkachuk.

Groupage cargo transportation 

Oversized transportation - Tkachuk Lyudmyla.

Container transportation - Eugenia Netyksha.

Our advantages
«West Auto Trade» company guarantees:

  • Skilled and experienced drivers and operators;
  • Fast delivery to European and CIS countries;
  • Responsibility for all stages of transportation;
  • Favorable conditions for cooperation;
  • Individual approach to each and every client;
  • Reliable and eco-friendly special equipment.

"West Auto Trade" is your safe and easy delivery with no downtime or any other trouble!


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