Transportation of groupage cargoes

Transportation of groupage cargo is the combination of several cargos ordered by different recipients in one vehicle. This service helps to adjust the time of goods delivery, as it is sometimes better to bring all consignments of goods at once instead of sending them one by one. Such a method of delivery also allows sending a small amount of goods at an adequate price, because the recipient shares the cost of delivery with other cargo owners. Groupage cargo transportation presupposes paying only for the actually occupied space..

Transportation of groupage cargo usually consists of the following stages:

  • delivery of cargo from the manufacturer to the consolidation warehouse;
  • cargo handling (repackaging, marking etc.);
  • groupage cargo formation;
  • registration of necessary documents;
  • shipping;
  • delivery.

As the trade turnover between the EU and Ukraine is constantly growing, the groupage cargo transportation has become one of our most popular services. Our specialists will provide qualified assistance to each and every client on any transportation issue.


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