Oversized transportation

Oversized cargo transportation by road is the most common transport mode, thus making it the main direction of the «West Auto Trade» company.  We provide freight transportation of bulky and heavy cargo on domestic and international routes.

A wide range of trucks allows transporting oversized vehicles and a variety of equipment — including heavy, high or wide objects. Almost 20 years of experience on the market guarantees the efficiency and comfort of transportation — you can completely rely on our competence.

Moreover, we take responsibility for all necessary documents, cover customs duties and taxes and develop the optimal route. We also find suitable transport and accompany the cargo, notifying the customer of its location throughout the journey.

While handling oversized cargo transportation, our company coordinates the route with local authorities and provides the necessary accompanying transport to preserve the integrity and safety of cargo.

Oversized cargo transportation in our company deals with

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Road construction equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Heavy equipment

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