Container transportation

Container transportation of goods is one of the safest and most reliable types of transportation of goods. Thanks to modern logistics solutions and technologies, container cargo transportation ensures fast delivery with fewer loading and unloading operations, and also - minimal risk for the transported property. Inventories transported in this format are protected from external influences by thick metal walls, and can also be temporarily stored without storage space.

We are engaged in international container transportation, which includes transportation by EU countries and delivery in the direction of Europe-Ukraine or vice versa - Ukraine-Europe. Thanks to many years of experience, large customer base and professionalism, we can offer you the best price and comfortable cooperation.

At your service of transportation of containers of the following sizes:

  • 20-foot standard container (universal, General Purpose - GP, 20 Dry Cube)
  • 40-foot standard container (universal, General Purpose - GP, 40 'Dry Van)
  • 40-foot container, High Cube type
  • 20-foot Open Top container
  • 40-foot Open Top container

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